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  To help keep your new tattoo clean we probably covered it in a non-adhesive bandage.  This bandage also helps keep any bleeding from staining your clothes or contaminating the things around you.  We would like you to keep the bandage on for the next few hours.  Between 1-6 hours is usually a good amount of time to keep your bandage in place, depending on your individual circumstances.  You should not need to re-apply a bandage during the remainder of your healing time.


  In order for your tattoo to heal well, you will need to keep it clean.  First, thoroughly wash your hands.  Cleaning your tattoo with dirty fingers isn't going to help much!  Gently massage your tattoo with a mild soap until it's clean.  Be sure to rinse off all the residual soap with clean, cool water.  Do NOT scrub your tattoo, and do NOT use a washcloth, sponge or any similar items.  The skin under your tattoo is very delicate right now, and you need to be very gentle with it.  You should only need to clean your tattoo a few times a day.  3-5 times daily is usually fine, but the number of cleaning times may vary daily.


  To dry your tattoo, use a clean towel or a fresh paper towel, GENTLY patting your tattoo dry.  Do NOT rub or wipe your tattoo!



  Now that your new tattoo is clean, we suggest you put some lotion or ointment on it.  There are a number of different brands to choose from, and some may work better with your body than others.  We sell Tattoo Goo brand, and we have found that it works well for a lot of people.  You may want to try some other brand of aftercare product.  If so, please discuss it with your artist, and they will help you find a product that's right for you. Whether you use an ointment or a lotion be sure to apply just a small amount.  Gently rub it into your skin, and pat off any extra with a clean paper towel.  As always, only touch your tattoo after you have thoroughly washed your hands!

  You should apply your lotion or ointment after you wash your tattoo, a few times a day.  3-5 times daily is usually fine, but, again, it may vary. If you have any questions about other aftercare products, please feel free to ask your artist.  


  While your tattoo is healing you may notice it itches or feels a bit uncomfortable.  DO NOT PICK AT OR SCRATCH YOUR TATTOO!  If it itches, you can gently pat the area with clean hands. Many people have found this can relieve the itching without damaging your skin.  

  If your skin feels “tight” or “stiff” you probably need to apply a bit more lotion or ointment.  Your skin can dry out quickly, and it won’t stretch the same way, causing this “tightness”.  Keeping your tattoo moisturized should resolve this problem.

  Do not submerge your new tattoo in water or expose it to direct sunlight or tanning beds during the healing process.  These can both adversely effect the healing process and the overall outcome of your tattoo.

  Other than cleaning and moisturizing, try to leave your new tattoo alone during the healing process.

  A tattoo is usually healed when it looks and feels like normal skin and is no longer shiny.  Tattoos usually take 2-3 weeks to heal, although individual healing times may vary.


  Great!  A few things to keep in mind.  Even though your tattoo is fully healed, be sure to put sunblock on it if you plan on going out in the sun. The higher the SPF the better. This will help keep your tattoo bright and crisp.  The sun can quickly fade your tattoo if directly exposed.  If you notice any light spots or fading in your tattoo, feel free to come by TRX so we can take a look at it.  You may need a touch up, and, in most cases, we touch up our tattoos for free!

  If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to stop by or call us any time you like.

You can even come by to show us how it healed up or just to say hi!

                          What’s normal?

  Your tattoo may feel dry, itchy, or sore for a few days.  Apply moisturizer.

  Your tattoo might flake a bit, and the flakes may even have color from your tattoo in them; that's ok. DONT PICK AT IT!

                    What's NOT normal?

  If after a few days, you notice your tattoo looks bright red and shiny or burns excessively, please contact us right away.

  If your tattoo is seeping excessively or seems “water logged” you are probably using too much lotion or ointment.  Use less. 

  If you have any problems or questions, please contact us right away. 


                           QUICK GUIDE:

1- Take your bandage off after a few hours.

2- Make sure your tattoo stays clean by washing     

     it about 3-5 times a day.

3- Keep your tattoo from drying out by applying

     a recommended lotion or ointment.

4- Don't pick at, poke at, or otherwise mess

     around with your tattoo.  Just leave it alone!

5- Keep your tattoo covered with clothing or

     sunblock if you go out in the sun.

6- If whatever you're doing hurts, then stop it.

If you have any problems or questions, just let us know.

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