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Welcome to TRX; your St. Louis destination for body adornment and self-expression. Delve into the world of piercing artistry, where precision meets creativity to redefine your style. Explore a diverse array of piercing options from classic to bold ear curations, face placements, and surface dermals; all performed by our experienced professionals in a safe and comfortable environment. Whether you're seeking a subtle addition or a striking statement, our studio is dedicated to turning your piercing aspirations into stunning reality.
Elevate your aesthetic with the art of piercing, where individuality knows no bounds.


All of the piercings performed at TRX are by licensed APP professionals. All of our piercers have years of experience with various shaped and sized body anatomies and base their piercing recommendations and willingness to pierce based on the age and anatomy of each individual. 

Earlobes 5+

Nostril / Cartilage 13+

Septum 14+

Conch / Eyebrow / Tragus 15+

Daith / Navel / Oral  / Industrial / Rook 16+

Ashley / Bridge / Cheeks / Dermals / Genitals / Nipples / Orbital 18+

Anatomy Dependent Piercings:


Dermal / Surface Bar

High Nostrils / Mantis

Genitals (All)

Industrial / Forward Helix / Orbital


***We DO NOT do Smiley Webbing, Dahlia, or Snake Eye Tongue piercings***

Minor Piercing Policy

Here at TRX we are all about expressing and adorning yourself, and for some that starts at a younger age than others. Our Minor Piercing Policy outlines our rules and documentation requirements for minors seeking piercings to ensure their safety, parental consent, and age requirements for a fabulous and positive piercing experience.

1.   Parent/Guardian Consent & Supervision

2.  Parent/Guardian's Valid Photo ID (State Issued or Passport)

3.  Minor's Photo ID (Including the following)

  • State ID Card (Permit/Drivers License)

  • Military ID

  • Passport

  • School ID/School Portal*

  • Child Safety Card*

  • Library/YMCA Card*

*Minors ID MUST include​ their photo as well as their first & last name on the same document

4. If the parent/guardians last name is different from the minor being pierced we will ADDITIONALLY need a birth certificate or marriage license/divorce papers/adoption papers to verify you are the minors parent/guardian.

With all of those bases covered we are more then happy to pierce minors! If you have any questions about documentation, guardianship perameters, or anything; please feel free to reach out to us at the shop and we can help answer any questions you might have!


Piercing (Includes Starter Jewelry)

1st Position Earlobes $44 per lobe

2nd Position Earlobes $44 per lobe

3rd Position Earlobes $55 per lobe

Cartilage / Conch / Flat / Forward Helix / Tragus $54

Daith $60

Industrial $90

Orbital $75

Nostril $54

Bridge $75

Eyebrow $58

Ashley / Philtrum $59

Labret / Lip / Monroe $54

Septum $60

Tongue $70

Vertical Labret $63

Navel $70

Nipple $80 per

Surface Dermal $120

Surface Bar $140

All Genital $100+ (Varies per piercing)

Piercing Price

Single $20 / Double $35

Single $20 / Double $35

Single $30 / Double $55





Single $30 / Double $55 / High $50




Single $30 / Double $55





Single $40 / Double $70




Basic Jewelry Price

Flat Back Post + Threadless Ball $24 per ear

Flat Back Post + Threadless Ball $24 per ear

Flat Back Post + Threadless Ball $24 per ear

Flat Back Post + Threadless Ball $24 per ear

Captive Bead Ring $25

Threaded Barbell + 2x Threaded Ball $40 

Captive Bead Ring $25

Flat Back Post + Threadless Ball $24

Threaded Barbell + 2x Threaded Ball $40 

Threadless Curved Barbell + Threadless Ball $28

Flat Back Post + Threadless Ball $24

Flat Back Post + Threadless Ball $24

Fixed Bead Ring $25 / Retainer $25 / Circular Barbell + 2x Balls $40

Threaded Barbell + 2x Threaded Ball $40 

Threadless Curved Barbell + Threadless Ball $28

Threaded Curved Barbell + 2x Threaded Balls $40

Threaded Barbell + 2x Threaded Balls $40 per nipple

Anchor + Threaded Ball $70

Bar + 2x Threaded Balls $90

Pricing Varies

We have strict standards when it comes to what we produce and never compromise on quality. This is especially true when it comes to the high quality materials we carry and use. Our customers deserve the highest level of products on the market, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards.


Everyone deserves to be pierced with high quality jewelry in a sterile, safe, and pressure free environment.
At TRX we pride ourselves in having a wonderful group of knowledgeable professional piercers, as well as a wide variety of jewelry for all your piercings, wether they are fresh or fully healed.


We carry only the highest quality implant grade titanium jewelry for your piercings. There is always a large selection of jewelry that we offer in stock from threadless pieces to internally threaded, rings, curves, and more in a wide range of styles for all your piercing needs.


At TRX we want you to adorn yourself gloriously, so we offer a wide range of 14K gold and precious gemstones amongst all our jewelry selection.

Photo Aug 12 2023, 4 34 23 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 12 2023, 4 38 05 PM.jpg


Interested in sizing your ears up? Come see one of our piercers to start your ear stretching journey. Already have yours but looking for unique plugs and hangars? You can browse our selection of brass, glass, stone, wood, and other materials.


We carry a wide range of ring styles from captive bead rings, clickers, circular barbells, seam rings, and more for all your your piercing needs.

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