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Tattoo Artist Removing Stencil


We love to collaborate with our artists and businesses within the community to offer a range of programs and fundraisers to help uplift and support those within it. 

Cover Ups for Marked Individuals

    Have you or someone you know been tattooed/branded with or         received a trauma-related tattoo, resulting from domestic violence,     sexual abuse, human trafficking, or sexual assault?

    Here at TRX, we offer free consultations and cover-ups for survivors     on their healing journey. Please feel free to call or email us to set       up a free consultation with one of our wonderful artists.

Gender Affirming Piercings

    Did you know that TRX offers gender affirming piercings to those       transitioning within the LGBTQ+ community? Well we do! All you       have to do is set up a free consultation with our piercer

    Zach Powell and he will chat with you about what you're looking         for, and then we will take it from there.

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